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The Unique of Baby Powder

Baby powder is usually used on baby’s skin because it contains milk and vitamin E to maintain skin softness. But not a few adults who use baby powder if skin irritation or as a face powder because of its content that tends to soften.

There are other ways to use this baby powder. Here you are, 8 ways to use baby powder:

1. Thickening eyelashes

To make eyelashes look thicker, try applying a little baby powder to your eyelashes, then apply mascara to the lashes.


2. Can it be used as a dry shampoo?

Use baby powder If you haven’t bought a dry shampoo or don’t have one. Sprinkle baby powder and a little cocoa powder into your body, then flatten.


3. Vanishing the stain

A little accident when you eat a burger and ... the sauce falls on your baby coat. Try to take tissue and clean it by tapping it [not rubbed]. Well, just sprinkle powder on your stained shirt. Wait for 1 hour and the stain decreases.


4. Deodorant

Instead of using deodorant, use baby powder. Apply on your armpits to absorb sweat in the armpits. Besides being able to absorb, the impression of natural scent is an added value for you.


5. Before wearing sneakers

Have you ever experienced foot odor? One solution is to sprinkle baby powder into socks, before you wear them.


6. Overcome oil stains.

When cooking food for the family or m for the little guy, accidentally clothes exposed to oil stains? Sprinkle baby powder on the stain to absorb the oil then wash as usual.


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